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Sweet Dreams Single Electric BlanketSingle Electric Blankets

Single electric blankets are perfect for students, children, and anyone who sleeps solo! Not only do they add an added luxury to your mattress, but they’re great for keeping you warm and cosy, without expensive running costs. Here are a few things you should know about our single blankets before you buy…

Easy to Use

No one likes anything complicated or confusing – especially when you’re getting ready for bed. That’s why our single heated blankets are super easy to use. Whether you choose our Pure Comfort, Deluxe Comfort or Prestige blanket, all of them have a user-friendly controller to make the process of using your blanket as simple and straightforward as possible.

Single electric blankets Expertly Made

Made from luxuriously soft fabric, all of our electric blankets are expertly made. This means that whichever you choose, you can be sure it will last you for many years to come – perfect for those who want to keep toasty and warm every winter! The fleece-lined blankets add that extra bit of luxury, with the fleece attaching to your mattress to give you a comfortable and thick material to drift off on top of.

Built-in Safety Features

We pride ourselves on always putting our customer’s safety first. That’s why all of our electric blankets have both overheat protection and an automatic cut-off feature. This means that you can use it with complete peace of mind every night.


Sick of spending a fortune on heating bills? Costing an average of just 2p per night to run (if you were to use the blanket for 8 continuous hours), they’re a great way to keep warm without breaking the bank!

Sweet Dreams electric blankets - perfect for childrenPerfect for Children and Students

If you’re buying for a student or child – or you’re a student yourself, our single blankets are perfect! Students don’t want to be spending a fortune on heating bills but student halls can be super cold so our single blankets will help to keep the chill off whilst they relax, sleep or study.

 For children ages 5+, they’ll help them sleep by keeping them at the perfect temperature through the cold nights and can last them for years to come if looked after properly.

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