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Electric Heat Pads

Designed to help reduce aches and pains, our heat pads are perfect for easing cramps, aches and more. If you suffer from sciatica, PMS cramps or sciatica pain, they’re the best things to use to help reduce pain and discomfort – perfect for when you need pain relief fast.

How do They Work?

Our heat pads encourage healing and help to reduce pain by making an increased amount of blood and oxygen flow to the painful area. Once there, this then begins to increase healing time and help to relax the muscles that are painful – making them feel more relaxed, less tight and therefore, less painful.

Multiple Heat Settings

No matter which heat pad or cushion you opt for, they all have multiple heat settings. This gives you the choice to adjust the temperature, depending on how much pain you’re feeling that day!

Safety Features

With overheat protection and an automatic cut off timer, you can have complete peace of mind whilst you use your heat pad!

Heat Pads

Our heat pads are available in a regular or an XL size. Depending on the body part you’re wanting to use it on will ultimately decide which one you should opt for. They can be placed comfortably onto where you’re feeling the pain and their flexible design helps them to be wrapped around painful body parts – great form legs and arms!  

Heated Cushions

Our heated cushions are perfect for resting and relaxing. The heat can be both comforting and healing – depending on how you use it. It can easily be placed on a painful body part to help reduce the pain, but it can also be used to relax on and the added warmth is a bonus! They’re great for when the weather is really cold outside, as they’ll keep you cosy and are super comfortable to lay on!

Shoulder & Neck Heat Pad

Neck and shoulder pain are some of the pain courses for discomfort in adults in the UK. It can lead to unbearable pain – especially when you’re trying to work during the day. Our should and neck heat pad is specially designed to wrap around the area to keep it warm and relaxed – it’s also portable so you can use it at work too, as long as there’s a plug for you to put it in!

Back & Stomach Heat Pads

You can have all sorts of back and stomach pains but the most popular is PMS cramps and sciatica. Our back and stomach heat pads are designed to strap around your back or stomach and using the straps, will stay comfortable in place for as long as you wish to wear it! Once attached, they’ll start to help any aches you’re currently feeling, making your day to day tasks more bearable.

Foot Warmer

If you suffer from poor circulation, you’ll know the trouble of trying to keep your feet warm. Our heated foot warmer is perfect for keeping your feet nice and cosy, with super soft fabric making it super comfortable too. It can also be used to reduce arthritis pain in the feet, giving you that much-needed pain relief during or at the end of a hard day.

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