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Electric heat pads are a great way to relax your muscles and provide soothing relief to your aches and pains. Our Sweet Dreams heat pads use advances heating technology to provide waves of gentle heat to your neck, back, legs, feet, or any part of you that feels like it needs some warm TLC.

Holding a warm object onto a painful or cramped area causes blood vessels to dilate which means you get more blood and oxygen flowing to the affected area. This will help you relieve pain and recover faster. The gentle, soothing heat of a Sweet Dreams heat pad or cushion is the ideal treatment to relax a whole range of pains, from muscle strains to arthritis to stomach cramps and PMS pains.

All of our heat pads and heated cushions are made with the softest, gentlest fabric that’s carefully designed to feel soothing against your skin. They’re ergonomically designed to sit snugly against your body to provide you with maximum relief when you need it most.

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